Garden Services

Fine Gardening is different from general landscaping services.  As fine gardeners, we have the education, experience, passion and commitment to not only maintain your gardens and landscapes, but enhance them.  Our job is not to come onto your property and shear shrubs into submission.  Nor do we use power tools to decapitate roses and perennials.  Our hoses don’t shred your annuals into sad little lumps of plant debris.  We love plants and gardens and our job is to celebrate them, maintaining them so they are healthy, thriving and lush.

Our Fine Gardening Team is made of up professional gardeners, arborists and irrigation specialists who not only take pride in their work, but take pride in their career.  Members of our team hold prominent positions in Industry organizations including the Board of Directors for the MNLA, the New England Irrigation Association as well as the Board of the Massachusetts Certified Horticulturists.  We are committed to continuing our education and are constantly striving to gain knowledge, learn latest Horticulture trends and water management techniques.  This education not only benefits our team, but our clients as well.  We can answer your plant care questions, suggest more efficient and effective ways of irrigating your property and happily spend time discussing the delicate scent and flowers of your favorite rose.  We are as committed to you garden as you are.

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