Irrigation Design & SmartWater Technology

No matter how large or small your project, Wisteria & Rose can implement the latest technologies to deliver effective and efficient water management for your green spaces. Our process begins with a complete analysis of the project site, taking into account soil structure, sunlight, precipitation, grade and existing plant material. Irrigation systems are designed to meet the specific needs of the project and maximize the health of plants and biodiversity while maintaining responsible and sustainable water usage.

We use the latest SmartWater technologies in our irrigation systems, including weather 8c86afce-80da-436b-9eee-f9fbeea41483sensors that measure solar radiation, temperature, and precipitation to maximize the effectiveness of watering cycles. Integrated controllers provide summarized records of water usage and weather to further enhance control of your system. Installation and maintenance are carried out by our knowledgable, certified irrigation specialists.

Our past projects have included:

  • Residential and corporate drip irrigation systems
  • Windowbox irrigation
  • Dry wells
  • Rain Gardens
  • Green roofs and walls
  • Gray water recycling