Welcome to Wisteria & Rose! We are a company committed to giving you the landscape, garden and outdoor living space that you dream about.  Whether it be a contemporary courtyard, an upscale and elegant roof deck, opulent window boxes or custom water features. we’ll make your space unique and truly your own.  Our team of professional Garden Designers, Irrigation Specialists and Horticulturists work with you to create, irrigate and maintain all of your outdoor spaces.  From small urban gardens to open suburban landscapes, we have the knowledge and experience that you are looking for in a Fine Gardening Company.
At Wisteria & Rose, we know that modern design, traditional horticulture and streamlined irrigation systems create the best gardens.  Let us show you the all of the possibilities of outdoor living.


Social Distancing in the Garden: Do it Yourself Window Box and Container Kits

During these uncertain days, Wisteria & Rose would like to encourage you to spend more time outdoors in your garden or yard. Perhaps you are starting to think about taking on a few planting projects on your own but are unsure what plants to purchase or how to arrange them in your yard or containers. We can help you! We are offering a new service of DIY window box or container kits! Beautiful, quality plants chosen for your unique environment, delivered and dropped off for you to plant at your convenience. Check out the video for more details and email us at info@wisteriaandrose.com for all of the info and pricing.

Boston, MA 02130  |  (617) 522-3843  | info@wisteriaandrose.com

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