Garden Design

At Wisteria & Rose, our Design team has one goal when meeting clients:  to listen.  We listen to your ideas and the dreams you have for your garden and landscape.  We hear you when you describe your style, the types of plants that you like and don’t like.  We write down and remember color choices of flowers that you enjoy, and those that you don’t.  We talk with you about your gardening skills and how much work you would like to do in the garden versus how much maintenance you are interested in hiring out.  When it comes to furniture, we pay attention to what you use inside your house and find selections that match your style and budget.  Our design team is committed to you, our client.  We truly strive to make your urban garden, roof top oasis or shady courtyard a reflection of you.

As Landscape and Irrigation Contractors, you can be assured that the Garden Design we have worked with you to create will be implemented exactly as we have envisioned it.  We have skilled masons that can lay stone in an amazing array of patterns, carpenters that create wondrous garden structures out of wood and an irrigation team that can fine tune your watering system so that plants and lawns are watered but the sidewalk is not.

Call or email today, we can’t wait to help you!

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